C3 Taupo Charitable Trust Board

Type: Charitable Trust (T)
Company Number
Company Status
Current address
5 Normand Place
Richmond Heights
Taupo 3330
New Zealand
Registered address used since 09 May 2008

C3 Taupo Charitable Trust Board, a registered company, was incorporated on 09 May 2008. 9429043163991 is the NZBN it was issued.
Last updated on 07 Sep 2020, BizDb's database contains detailed information about 2 addresses the company uses, namely: P O Box 2041, Taupo 3351 (postal address),
5 Normand Place, Richmond Heights, Taupo, 3330 (registered address).
More names used by the company, as we found at BizDb, included: from 09 May 2008 to 24 Nov 2010 they were called The Refinery Church (Assembly Of God) Trust Board.

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