Gna Consultants Limited

Type: NZ Limited Company (Ltd)
Company Number
Company Status
Industry classification code
M692343 Engineering Consulting Service Nec
Industry classification description
Current address
4/29 Liverpool St
Hamilton 3204
New Zealand
Registered & physical address used since 07 Oct 2019

Gna Consultants Limited, a registered company, was incorporated on 16 Aug 2017. 9429046303776 is the NZ business identifier it was issued. "M692343 Engineering consulting service nec" (business classification M692343) is how the company was classified. This company has been run by 1 director, named Fernando Sarte Nave - an active director whose contract started on 16 Aug 2017.
Last updated on 26 Aug 2020, BizDb's data contains detailed information about 1 address: 4/29 Liverpool St, Hamilton, 3204 (types include: registered, physical).
Gna Consultants Limited had been using 4/29A Liverpool St, Hamilton as their physical address up to 07 Oct 2019.
A single entity owns all company shares (exactly 100 shares) - Fernando Nave - located at 3204, Glenview, Hamilton.


Principal place of activity

Flat 4, 29 Liverpool Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton, 3204 New Zealand

Previous addresses

Address: 4/29a Liverpool St, Hamilton, 3204 New Zealand

Physical & registered address used from 11 Mar 2019 to 07 Oct 2019

Address: 5a, 593 Te Rapa Rd, Te Rapa, Hamilton, 3200 New Zealand

Physical & registered address used from 16 Aug 2017 to 11 Mar 2019

Contact info
64 22 5967144
Financial Data

Basic Financial info

Total number of Shares: 100

Annual return filing month: September

Annual return last filed: 28 Sep 2019

Shareholder Type Shareholder Name Address
Shares Allocation Number of Shares: 100
Director Fernando Sarte Nave Glenview
New Zealand

Fernando Sarte Nave - Director

Appointment date: 16 Aug 2017

Address: Glenview, Hamilton, 3206 New Zealand

Address used since 16 Aug 2017

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