Morkran Limited

Type: NZ Limited Company (Ltd)
Company Number
Company Status
Industry classification code
K624040 Investment - Financial Assets
Industry classification description
Current address
38 William Denny Avenue
Auckland 1022
New Zealand
Registered & physical address used since 13 May 2009

Morkran Limited, a registered company, was started on 13 May 2009. 9429032243673 is the NZBN it was issued. "K624040 Investment - financial assets" (business classification K624040) is how the company has been categorised. The company has been managed by 1 director, named Don Kranenburg - an active director whose contract started on 13 May 2009.
Last updated on 11 Sep 2021, the BizDb database contains detailed information about 1 address: 38 William Denny Avenue, Westmere, Auckland, 1022 (types include: registered, physical).
One entity controls all company shares (exactly 100 shares) - Don Kranenburg - located at 1022, Westmere, Auckland.

Contact info
64 9 3789020
No website
Financial Data

Basic Financial info

Total number of Shares: 100

Annual return filing month: February

Annual return last filed: 20 Mar 2021

Shareholder Type Shareholder Name Address
Shares Allocation Number of Shares: 100
Individual Don Kranenburg Westmere

New Zealand

Don Kranenburg - Director

Appointment date: 13 May 2009

Address: Westmere, Auckland, 1022 New Zealand

Address used since 13 May 2009

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